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Taste of Lawrenceville



Taste of Lawrenceville is a seasonal event series produced by the teams behind Bay41 and A.FAYE PR celebrating all things Lawrenceville.

Guests are able to attend for free + pay as you go at each vendor booth. Vendors include local restaurants and cafes, breweries and distilleries, shops and boutiques - all from Pittsburgh's beloved neighborhood of Lawrenceville.

Taste of Lawrenceville's inaugural event and holiday event brought in over 2,500 attendees of all ages and demographics throughout a 5-hour time span, with plans for the attendance to only go up for future events.

Roadkill Gallery

We will be displaying artwork from local artists during the event salon style. We will be the only vendors displaying art!! So exciting!

f o o d

What's a "Taste of" event without the food? Taste of Lawrenceville brings in some of the city's most renowned restaurants - all located in Lawrenceville - to set up shop + serve some of their specialties. Past food vendors have included: Alida's, Cinderlands, Franktuary, Ki Pollo, Merchant Oyster Co, Mi Empanada, Round Corner Cantina, Smoke, The Vandal + more.

b e v e r a g e

The neighborhood of Lawrenceville prides itself on it's craft beer scene, and with some new distilleries opening, there's plenty to choose from at Taste of Lawrenceville in the beverage department. Past beverage vendors have included: 11th Hour Brewing, Arsenal Cider, Cinderlands, Hop Farm Brewing, Lawrenceville Distilling, Roundabout Brewing, Stateside Vodka + more.

l i v e m u s i c

Jams, all day long. Enjoy a variety of live music from local musicians and DJs while strolling through Taste of Lawrenceville. Past performers have included Byron Nash, DJ Nugget (owner of local Lawrenceville establishment, The Goldmark), and Lawrenceville local DJ Selecta. 

a c t i v i t i e s + a c t i v a t i o n s

Taste of Lawrenceville is a kid-friendly event, and we have plenty of activities + activations in store for families in attendance. At upcoming events, expect to see kid's stations with seasonal crafts and snacks, a lounge experience for attendees to relax, pop-up photo booth activations, games, fire pits + more.


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Roadkill Gallery is an artist funded space. Each artist who pays a submission fee to be part of an event is paying for the truck rental itself. Each artist takes 100% commission to pieces that are sold.

Regulations on artwork:

The maximum amount of artwork per artist is 2 pieces.
Display restrictions:
2D artwork: no larger than 2’x2’
Sculptures: Dimensions need to be sent and approved by the gallery.

Please submit artwork at:
Please include: Dimensions and photos of your artwork

Earlier Event: July 5
Later Event: August 31